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[03 Feb 2013|08:44pm]
The lies have been tugging at my sleeves
begging for me to look them in the eye
When I could bare it no more
and faced them with a tired heart
They froze in place and did not know
what to do with my steady gaze
and teary eyes full of despair
I had abandoned myself briefly and felt so lost
when I uncovered yet another wary, untrusting heart
Underneath the happy laughter
The kind words, the sweet kisses
and the whispered promises of love
When they felt I could not give them no more
Because their deepest grief became my own
Instead of changing their ways they took the easy way out
And left me with only questions to keep me company
in my wild grief, my persistent love and tender loss
I will cease trying to solve the questions
Or trying to understand the lies
I know now it will bring me no relief
The hurt it begs me to just take it slow now
And when my heart slumbers in my chest 
her dreams are disturbed by memories 
of when I unknowingly took her to wars
where I never stood a change,
into battles that were not mine to fight
But in waking she emits a calmness in her love
trusting to not become wary or untrusting anew
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[27 Jan 2013|11:02am]

New Zealand

Many months I've been torn open to be then torn apart
I cuddled up to frozen marble looking for affection
I pleaded with liquid heartache to grant me little love
When after trial and error the wet filled up my lungs
I could breath no more
and had no choice but to let go
I started changing in the drowning
and my death it set me free
I awoke on top of snowy mountains
the fresh wind upon my face
I know now to make choices
to mend, to heal and not to break
And while the sun was shining
and I felt so content
I heard a silent laughter
and felt you take my hand
I offer you my cups of tea
No more I find them cold and stale
I'm grateful for your presence
on my lonesome mountain top
I'm sure I'll remain contented
when you again walk onward
But my heart a wee bit lighter
And a hint of something in my smile

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Locked. [01 Jan 2005|10:24pm]

Look what you stumbled upon


Mijn boswachter is lief <3

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